RAPIDCHARGE Fluid Filling Equipment

Through our accumulated knowledge on technology and commitment to industry, W. KIERT GROUP is selected to be RAPIDCHARGEís first representative in Thailand. In collaboration with RAPIDCHARGEís headquarter in France, we provide full range of service from product selection, installation, to maintenance and repair.



RAPIDCHARGE is a robotic department of S.A Frigofrance, a subsidiary of the well known German GEA industry group. RAPIDCHARGE equipment is the automatic filling equipments for various fluids in car industry; air conditioning, engine, gearbox, steering, coolant, etc.




RAPIDCHARGE has means to allow for the implementation of a policy based on the quality of its services, during all stages of design, creation and bringing into production of its equipment, in order to meet the demands of its clients, in compliance with the standard ISO 9001.

In addition, with a concern for the future, RAPIDCHARGE has defined and put into practise an environmental policy, in compliance with the standard ISO 14001.





RAPIDCHARGE equipments are recognized and used by many worldwide customers including GENERAL MOTORS, BMW, FIAT, LANDROVER, FORD, DAIMLER CHRYSLER and several others.




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